“Investing in our public schools is the best way to make sure that every one of our children has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to thrive.”

As the brother of two Worcester Public School teachers, Jim McGovern knows that a quality education is essential to preparing our students for the 21st Century economy. Jim believes that investing in our public schools is the best way to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

Jim has always been a strong supporter of early childhood development services, including Reach Out and Read, Head Start, and Child Care Development Block Grants, and continues to urge House leadership to provide robust funding for these programs. Similarly, Jim has led the fight to strengthen school lunch programs, understanding that school meals are as essential for our children’s ability to learn as any textbook.

Jim is also committed to providing funds for school construction and modernization. He seeks to improve classrooms by adding high-speed internet access and other cutting-edge technology. Jim has helped to secure millions of dollars in grant money for schools across Massachusetts’ Second District.

Finally, Jim is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable higher education. He has worked to end the wasteful subsidies to banks in the student loan program and to increase funding for the Pell Grant program so that middle class families can afford to send their kids to college.

Jim has also voted for plans like Income-Based Repayment, which offer student loan borrowers manageable payments plans, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which allows borrowers who enter into public service the chance to have their loans forgiven after 120 payments.