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Energy and Environment

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"Our climate is changing. Our children's future depends on investing in clean, sustainable energy sources -- and taking bold steps to address the damage we have already done to our fragile planet."

Jim believes that climate change is an urgent threat to our planet. He believes that we can fight it by investing in clean energy and taking bold steps to reduce pollution.

Jim is proud that many Massachusetts companies are taking a leading role in developing technologies that will grow green energy production, and has helped to support these businesses as they grow and create jobs. He believes we must recognize that climate change is an international problem that crosses borders and affects every continent. He believes that the United States needs to take a leading role in the fight against global climate change to ensure that all countries, both industrialized and developing, will cooperate in this international effort. As a proud member of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition in the House, Jim has worked to advance policies to combat global climate change and was a proud supporter of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Clean, sustainable energy will be the key to our country becoming energy independent. Jim knows we must invest in new clean energy technologies and look to renewable energies like wind, solar, and hydroelectric as we move away from the fossil fuels of the past. As new investments are made into our energy infrastructure, those investments must not ignore the effects they will have on climate change. That’s why Jim introduced a bill that would require new natural gas pipelines to publish the greenhouse gas emissions of the natural gas they transport -- from extraction all the way to final use.

Beginning in Jim’s first term when he led the fight to protect the State-side funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), he has spent over 20 years fighting to protect our open spaces, parks, and recreation areas. Jim has consistently been a leading voice for the robust funding of LWCF-- the main source of funding for federal recreational land acquisition by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Forest Service. He has also fought to support our National Monuments, including the first ocean monument located off the coast of Massachusetts.
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