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Rental prices have surged at twice the rate of hourly wages. Renters are struggling to keep up with sky-high raises in rent that eat further and further into their paycheck. Massachusetts, where many spend over 30% of their budget on rent, has been hit especially hard by these dramatic increases. And buying a home – once an achievable pathway to the American dream – has slipped further and further out of reach from working families who just can’t save up enough to get ahead no matter how hard they try.

Many of our seniors and veterans struggle to find any housing at all, and too many in the most vulnerable segments of society are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

I believe that each and every American family deserves to find stable, affordable, quality housing. I have worked hard during my time in Congress to support laws and funding for programs that encourage affordable housing and promote home ownership, and I know that if work together, we can find solutions that revitalize our communities, support renters and create paths towards homeownership, and eliminate homelessness in America once and for all.

For example, I have strongly supported:

·        The Low Income Housing Tax Credit, a key component to creating new affordable housing and rehabilitating existing stock. 

·        The HOME program, which allows cities and towns to develop new affordable housing by leveraging private money.

·        Programs like Section 8, Supportive Housing for the Elderly, and Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities which help prevent homelessness among the most vulnerable segments of society.

·        The Community Development Block Grant program, which helps provide affordable housing for working families by enabling them to purchase homes and helps our communities construct new affordable housing and preserve and rehabilitate existing housing.

·        The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has protected borrowers and made it easier to hold big mortgage lenders accountable when they break the law.

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