Statement on Attorney General Barr's Summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s Report

NORTHAMPTON, MAToday, Congressman James P. McGovern (D-MA) released this statement in response to Attorney General Barr's summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s report:

“Special Counsel Mueller has not exonerated the president. In fact, he says he found evidence on both sides about whether or not the president committed a serious crime. On top of that, we already know that President Trump’s closest advisors have lied over and over again to investigators, and that a pervasive culture of corruption continues to exist at the highest levels of this administration. Let’s not forget the dozens of indictments and hundreds of criminal charges that have been filed against the president’s top advisors, including his former campaign manager who is now in jail.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the president’s own, hand-picked Attorney General doesn’t think he obstructed justice. He’s entitled to his opinion, but Congress must see the full, unedited report to decide whether or not the president abused his power. That is our constitutional duty, and that is what we will do.”