Timeline of Congressman McGovern's Push for AUMF Vote

September 14, 2018: McGovern Joins Congresswoman Barbara Lee in sending a bipartisan letter to President Trump urging him to consult with and obtain authorization from Congress before ordering any additional U.S. military action in Syria.

July 13, 2017:
McGovern on House Floor - "America Has Been At War for 16 Years and Speaker Ryan Refuses to Allow Congressional Oversight and Debate on Updated War Authorization"

April 28, 2017: McGovern helps lead bipartisan Group of 46 Lawmakers calling on Speaker Ryan to Hold Debate on War Authorization for ISIS and Syria.

February 17, 2017: McGovern leads a broad bipartisan coalition of 19 House lawmakers called on Speaker Ryan to schedule a debate and vote on an AUMF as quickly as possible following news of a Pentagon proposal to send U.S. ground troops to northern Syria.

December 6, 2016: McGovern Applauds Obama Call for Congress to Vote on ISIS War.

May 18, 2016: McGovern Blasts House Leadership: Congress Is Too Damn Chicken When It Comes to War Against ISIS

April 19, 2016: As U.S. Sends More Troops to Iraq, McGovern Calls on Congress to Vote on War Authorization for Mission Against ISIS

January 3, 2016: McGovern publishes nationwide op-ed in USA Today urging house leadership to allow a vote on AUMF.

June 4, 2015: McGovern appears on Rachel Maddow to talk about Congress avoiding debating and voting on the U.S. war against ISIS even as it votes on funding that war, and his effort to force that debate and vote with a resolution to withdraw from hostilities.

May 27, 2015: McGovern and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) sent a letter to Speaker Boehner urging him to take action on President Obama’s AUMF request.

Feb 11, 2015: McGovern welcomed President Obama’s draft AUMF and urged Speaker Boehner to bring it to the floor for a vote.

Sep 19, 2014: McGovern and Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) led bipartisan letter urging House leadership to bring AUMF to floor for a vote.

Sep 18, 2014: McGovern objected on House floor to measure that stalls AUMF vote.

Aug 28, 2014: McGovern led bipartisan letter calling for debate and vote on AUMF in Iraq.

Aug 8, 2014: McGovern said if President Obama’s air strikes on Iraq continued into September, Congress would need to authorize them.

July 11, 2014: McGovern introduced bipartisan privileged resolution (PDF) to direct President Obama to remove U.S. troops from Iraq. (video of floor speech). Passed two weeks later with overwhelming bipartisan support by a 370-40 vote.

Jun 13, 2014: McGovern opposed military air strikes and weapons aid for Iraq.

May 27, 2014: McGovern welcomed announced reduction of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, but said maintaining any troop presence beyond 2014 must by authorized by Congress.

May 22, 2014: McGovern demanded vote to complete transition of U.S. combat and military security operations to Afghan authorities by end of 2014.

July 18, 2012:  McGovern Speaks on House Floor - "Congress is deeply complicit in maintaining and continuing the war."

September 10, 2009: McGovern Speaks on the House Floor"Congress has been too quiet on the issue of Afghanistan and that needs to change."