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  • On First Day of New Congress, McGovern Introduces Bipartisan Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
    Posted in Press Releases on January 4, 2019 | Preview rr

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, the first day of the 116th Congress, U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) joined Reps. Ted Deutch (D-FL), John Katko (D-NY), and Jamie Raskin (D-MD) in introducing a bipartisan constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics and restore democratic power to the American people. The Democracy for All Amendment affirms the right of states and the federal government to pass laws that regulate spending in elections, reversing the concentration of political influence... Read More »

  • McGovern Statement on Republican Tax Bill
    Posted in Press Releases on December 19, 2017 | Preview rr

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim McGovern released the following statement after Republicans passed their tax bill through the House of Representatives: “President Trump, his family, and their wealthy friends got an early Christmas gift this year. This Republican tax bill will line their pockets and the pockets of their donors – giving the vast majority of tax breaks to those at the top and corporations shipping American jobs overseas, all the while exploding the deficit and raising taxes on h... Read More »

  • McGovern Reintroduces Bill to Overturn Citizens United and Declare Corporations Are Not People
    Posted in Press Releases on March 10, 2017 | Preview rr

    Today Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) reintroduced H.J. Res. 88, the People’s Rights Amendment, a bill to overturn Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that lifted restrictions on spending of outside groups on elections. In a speech on the House floor, Congressman McGovern spoke about how Citizens United opened the floodgates to corporate spending in politics which drowns out the voices of ordinary citizens. Congressman McGovern was one of the first national leaders to speak out agains... Read More »

  • McGovern Joins Nearly 100 Members of Congress in Calling for Hearings on Democracy Reform
    Posted in Press Releases on April 21, 2016 | Preview rr

    Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) joined nearly 100 Members of Congress today in calling on the House Judiciary Committee and the Committee on House Administration to hold hearings about reforms that will help restore American democracy and make the voices of everyday Americans heard in Congress. McGovern was one of the first national leaders to speak out against Citizens United in 2011 and is a lead sponsor of the Democracy for All Amendment. “Americans are deeply troubled by the growing influenc... Read More »

    Posted in Press Releases on January 21, 2015 | Preview rr

    Today marks the five-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s dreadful Citizens United decision, in which the Court ruled that corporations have the same right to free speech as people. Despite the ruling in Citizens United, the Constitution was never intended to give corporations the same rights as the American people. My amendment clarifies that corporations, whether they are for-profit or non-profit entities, are not people with constitutional rights. Read More »

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